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Community Coverage: Crosbyton

Here's something remarkable about Crosbyton: it's one of the few remaining communities with its own hospital district. The Crosbyton Clinic Hospital provides a 24 hour emergency room and a wide range of services from echo-cardiology to mobile MRI. It also owns the Reeves Rhoades Terrace Assisted Living Center.

It's through those doors that we found a woman with an important message, healthwise.

92 year-old Connie Allen loves to sing (mostly in her head) when she walks up and down the halls of this living center...over and over again. She's measured the distance around all the units and determined 15 rounds is a mile.

Vivian west, the manager at Reeves Rhoades Terrace, says it's amazing how much Connie walks every day, at least 25 rounds.

 Connie explains it with a smile: "It's up to me to not be down in the dumps and fit as a fiddle!"

But the real reason she wants to walk might surprise you. "There was a time in my life," she explains, "I could not walk. I was determined to walk again. And do things I wanted to do."

Connie was a beauty queen at Wayland Baptist College. Then, she married Bryce Allen. Life was perfect. Then, when they had a one year old baby and another on the way, Connie was infected with polio.

"My husband carried me. He never complained," she says.

Connie adds it was with a lot of prayer that she survived polio, began to walk again and eventually had 2 more little girls.

She and Bryce were married 70 years. Now, a widow, she lives here with a personal commitment that is good advice for any age.

She says, "I need to keep myself going. I surely do. I realize how important it is. I sleep well. I get up and get dressed and i take my own bath. I am so thankful, so thankful to be able to walk these halls.

Note: Connie Allen has a beautiful singing voice. She serenaded us while our news team was there. We were so impressed that she knew all the verses to a favorite hymn she shared with us. Then, her daughter told us she knows dozens of songs from the hymnal and all the verses too. That, in itself, is truly amazing, since Connie Allen is legally blind.

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