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Pre-bagged salads have some customers getting extremely sick

A bad salmonella outbreak has sickened nearly 150 people in the Midwest. The good news is if you're listening to us, you're safe.

The problem is a bad salad mix. The good news is nothing tainted was sold in this viewing area, only in Iowa and Nebraska. But, the reason the CDC wants this story everywhere is because it comes with a safety message. Just because a salad is pre-packaged, doesn't mean somebody washed it for you.

"We look at that bag and they may say pre-washed and so forth but still, standards across the industry may vary . It's just a good rule of thumb and a good habit just to wash them again," says Barbara Chadwick with the Linn County Public Health Department.

More than 140 people in Iowa got sick from the cyclospora parasite in the lettuce, that's some that can trigger extreme diarrhea.

The CDC says any produce you buy, whether it's packaged or not should be washed before eating.

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