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Lubbock Woman Fed Up With Stinky Situation

A local woman is fed up with the sewage situation at her mother's home in East Lubbock. She says it's an ongoing problem she's complained to the city about for the past year. It wasn't until she contacted NewsChannel 11 that the problem gained attention from both the city and the source of the problem. The source? The city say's it's Rocita's Cafe just across the way. And after months of complaints, Ethel decided to call NewsChannel 11 to address this stinky problem.

"I know ten years or more, this has been going on," explains Ethel. Puddles of raw sewage surround the home of Ethel's mother, Myrtle Brookes, who is 82-years-old and ill, Ethel says she's fed up with the unsanitary situation. "It's like living in a dump ground, cause it's the same smell. This is raw sewage that you're smelling," she points out.

Sewage running from Rocita's Cafe onto her mother's yard, a problem she's tried to address through the City of Lubbock. Ethel says she has contacted the city numerous times for the past year. "We had complained and they still wouldn't come," says Ethel.

"It's from the restaurant's grease trap. There's nothing wrong with our line," explains Gaylin Chapman, Waste Water Collections Supervisor for the City of Lubbock. She says the restaurant is to blame for the sewage in the yard. "It's the restaurant's responsibility under city ordinance to verify that their grease trap has been cleaned out, it has not. They have no records," she says.

But when we approached Ricky Perez, owner of Rocita's, he showed us a receipt stating he paid $700 two weeks ago to have his grease traps cleaned by a company and it's the city's sewage lines that remain clogged. Chapman says the city has checked the lines and found them to be clear.

"Whatever it is, they need to fix it, it's ridiculous!" exclaims Ethel. She won't rest until the sewage is repaired and stopped from running into her elderly mother's lawn. "This problem is going to be solved, and they have not heard the last from me so they'd better get real familiar with my face!"

Another problem that Ethel pointed out was old dumpsters in front of the house that needed replacing. The city has since not only replaced them, but moved them down the alley. The next step the city will take is to inspect the sewer lines to make sure this problem does not continue.

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