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City Leaders Set to Cut Ties with Buddy Holly Name, for Now

The City of Lubbock already pays Maria Elena Holly $30,000 to use the Holly name for the Buddy Holly Symposium. But the city is interested to expand the event to something greater. However, threats of lawsuits and paying more money has caused the city to back off from its deal completely.

A letter is on the way to Dallas telling Buddy Holly's widow, the city is no longer interested in doing business with her. Mayor Marc McDougal says Maria Elena Holly was asking for more money when she heard the city wanted to put on a music festival the same weekend as the Buddy Holly Symposium.

The city already pays Maria $30,000 a year until 2009 to use the Buddy Holly names and then offered her another $20,000 a year on top of that. She said no.

Entertainment task force member Don Caldwell says she would not negotiate any further. "There were lots of threats of litigation that came back to us when we would not pay more money," said Caldwell.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Maria Elena Holly. She would not disclose an amount that would have pleased her. But she did say she can make $150,000 on a commercial that uses a Buddy Holly song.

Maria also says she's dedicated her time to promoting Lubbock for free and no one in the city can recognize that.

When we asked her if she's in this for the money, she said yes and a whole lot more. "Not only for the money, it's part of my business. Show business. This is a business where I'm not going to give anything free, because this was Buddy's bread and butter. He left that legacy for me and his brothers and sisters," said Maria.

Caldwell says there will be a music festival next year in October. It will be called the Lubbock Texas Music Festival. He says it's going to be what Lubbock needs in order to get the entertainment industry going strong.

"We have all of these great legacies. There were control issues in calling it the Buddy Holly Music Festival that don't need to be there. If we're going to open up and create a massive music festival in Lubbock, we have to have the ability to operate that festival without the restrictions around the name," Caldwell said.

The city will make a decision to end its contract at Thursday's city council meeting.

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