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How to talk to your child when it comes to their weight

You may know a child is too heavy, but how do you talk to them about that without adding to the stress of adolescence?

A lot of parents believe you need to lay it on the line, and tell a child they're overweight, but, for what it's worth, a new study suggests a different approach.

"Parents who focused on weight conversations had adolescents who engaged in more unhealthy weight control behaviors and dieting. Those are things like bingeing and purging and taking laxatives, diuretics. Whereas parents who focused more on the healthy eating messages had adolescents who engaged in fewer of those unhealthy dieting and weight control behaviors," says researcher Jerica Berge.

Berge suggests instead of saying "you shouldn't eat that" try "I'm concerned about your weight".

Stress what they should eat, the importance of fruits and vegetables in building a healthy strong body.

Of course, she adds, the earlier you start those conversations, the better.

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