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Lubbock Volunteers Head Toward Hurricane Ivan to Provide Relief

Nine million people have evacuated their homes in three states now but Lubbock volunteers are headed to the eye of the storm.

Lubbock's Salvation Army sent four volunteers to Dallas Wednesday morning where they will receive word on where they should go on the Gulf Coast. Their mission: help people victimized by what experts say may be the most fierce storm yet.

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"We're loading up everything we have, they said bring everything. It's just kind of a calling for me, I like to help," explains Dave Freriks. For the past 12 years, he has found himself helping the Salvation Army, providing aide to victims of disasters across the country.

The relief crew depends on a mobile unit as not only a means of transportation but as a self-contained kitchen that will provide food for hundreds. "About 1,500 meals a day off one of these units providing we get the supplies to do it," says Freriks. Those supplies will serve at least 600 people, on their first day alone. He says water is the most essential item the victims need. "During times of exertion, you need more water than anything else," says Freriks.

Once the crew arrives to their destination, there may be no place for them to sleep, so they will rely on their own sleeping bags for shelter, a minor disadvantage compared to those who have lost their homes. "They're going to have a total devastation, their homes are going to be gone, there's nothing they can do to fix it," explains Ernest Branscum, a volunteer for 28 years. But it's up to these volunteers to give them hope. "My passion is people and their hearts and just sitting and talking to them," says another volunteer, Martha Burchette.

The crew will be gone for as long as two weeks.Meanwhile, if you'd like to contribute to the Salvation Army relief fund, just call our local Salvation Army at (806) 765-9434.

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