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Consider This...Not sure who to trust

Back in 2004, citizens voted by an overwhelming 83% to separate Lubbock Power and Light from City Hall by allowing a citizen board to make the business decisions.

That board saved the city-owned utility from bankruptcy, put it back in the black and even started giving out rebates. Fair to say, the customers were the priority and that board had the trust of the citizens.

Well, between City Hall, City Council and the LP&L board, I frankly don't know who to trust anymore.

Now it's a new board, appointed by new council members all with a whole new set of priorities.

Consider this:

I am not going to re-hash all the problems we have at city hall right now. Partly because you can't put the blame solely on the current leadership.

But here is a current decision that has shaken my trust: LP&L admitted they made a mistake and under billed customers in June.

Add to that rising fuel cost, higher rates and summer usage, and the July bills were astronomical in comparison.

But instead of saying, "It was our mistake and we are not going to penalize our customers for it," they chose to go back and charge those customers for an LP&L mistake. Unbelievable.

Those kinds of decisions don't build trust.

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