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HealthWise at 5 From 9.15

  • Jarvik Ped Heart

Specialists at Jarvik Heart in New York are working on a miniaturized version of the adult Jarvik 2000, a heart assist device. Once research is completed, the smaller version will be used for young children with severe heart problems. The ventricular assist device will be placed inside the heart and boost blood flow through the heart and body. Young children waiting for a heart transplant would be candidates for this scaled down version of the adult device.

  • RX Underuse

A lesson for doctors from the Veterans Administration on why many of their patients may continue to have the same problems over and over again. A nationwide survey of more than 4,000 chronically ill adults found that many did not take their prescription drugs because they just couldn't afford to buy them, and the VA survey revealed those patients typically didn't tell their doctors that they passed on the prescriptions. Aside from the cost, most said they felt their doctors really couldn't help and they were embarrassed to mention the cost factor. The bottom line, the study suggests doctors ask their patients directly about medication cost issues rather than wait for patients to bring it up because that may be a real concern that never gets voiced.

  • Icy Treats and Headaches

Brain freeze, one of those passages of summer, or anytime you're just a few licks into an icy treat. Temple University Neurologists say the sudden cooling happens when ice cream or a cold drink hits the roof of your mouth, and drops the temperature in your forehead two degrees. These miniature migraines plague an estimated one-third of the population with migraine sufferers even more sensitive to these chilling head pains. The chilly advice from the docs: eat your treat slowly.

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