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The DividePro: Does It Work?

Cook three different foods in one pan without the flavors mixing. The makers of the DividePro says you can. It costs $10, but Does It Work? You'll receive two non-stick pans; one that's small and the larger one that allows you to cook three different things. Let's try it out.

The pan has sections that look too small to prepare a meal for a family of five. In fact, after filling one side up with broccoli, it was just enough for about two people. I placed tuna patties in another section. I figured that if anything is gong to smell, it will be fish. Finally, the eggs. Over-easy eggs. I placed the lid on the pan and let everything cook for a while.

I flipped the eggs and found an immediate problem. They stuck to the non-stick pan! My over-easy eggs quickly became broken, runny eggs!

I was able to finish all the cooking, despite the problems I ran into. I placed the eggs, tuna patties and broccoli on a plate. It was time to taste it all!

After putting my taste buds to work, I realized each food kept its own flavor. Nothing tasted like fish. Of course the tuna did. However, I can't forget the eggs stuck to the non-stick pan, the sections were too small, and the stuck-on-food did not wash off easy.

The DividePro is a divide no-no. Don't buy it, it Doesn't Work.

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