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Lubbock City Council Could Pull Plug On Lake Development Plans

On Thursday, the Lubbock City Council will more than likely pull the plug on plans to build a restroom and shower facility at Lake Alan Henry.

Councilman Gary Boren says it's come down to this because a few people will not keep structures off of the lake's 300 foot easement. He said it last week, and he'll say it again. "We're not going to invest any more money on infrastructure on that lake," say Boren.

Boren says the council set aside $20 million to build a new restroom and shower facility and for other recreational improvements at Lake Alan Henry. But, Boren says as long as there are lawsuits filed against the city, the city will pull the plug on those plans.

Lake land owners and developers are disputing the city's 1986 easement agreement that says no one can build 300 feet from the water. Boren says the rule is supposed to protect the water quality in the lake.

However, someone disregarded the rules and built a little cabana and several lawsuits have been filed as well. Those people claim a definition in the city's agreement is too vague which opens the water for challenge.

Boren believes if the city did invest the money for improvements, it would only be wasting tax payer money and benefit the land developers who are suing the city. "I would think any improvements you made would bring more people down there to view what properties you had for sale. It would be an enhancement to anyone who had lots," said Boren.

Land developers and owners we've talked to say that is not the case.

If the council decides to cancel bids for improvements, that frees up $20 million. Boren says the city would just invest the money someplace else, like for in-town water related issues.

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