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Playground equipment may be hotter than you think


A warning for parents as 100-degree days continue on the South Plains...

If you're thinking about enjoying the summer weather outdoors, there's something you should be aware of.

Playground equipment can get hotter than you think, sometimes hot enough to burn your child's skin.

We were curious to see just how hot the playgrounds are in Lubbock, so we set out to Maxey Park near 19th Street and Quaker Avenue with a laser thermometer at 1 p.m.

What we found may surprise you...

"I will probably say 120," Christina Anciso guessed, after touching a slide directly under the warm afternoon sun.

Anciso is the supervisor of Discovery Depot Learning Center. She had no idea that the slides and swings her kids were playing on were well-above triple digits.

The slide's temperature was actually 158.9 degrees.

"I58.9? Oh my! That's hot!"

The swings were next.

"Probably like a hundred I would guess," Staci Melcher, a teacher for Discovery Depot Learning Center said.

The thermometer read 121 degrees.

"Woah. 121...that's hot," Melcher said.

Although some parents' guesses were close, everyone we spoke to was surprised by the actual temperatures.

So we advise parents to touch the surface of playground equipment first to make sure it's not too hot for your child, or try to avoid playgrounds during the peak hours in the afternoon.

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