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Food for Thought Report 9.16

Four out of five top performers this week are of the fast food variety. Two more Taco Villas in Lubbock grace Food for Thought this week, recall there were two last week as well. When asked what is it about Taco Villa, Manager Robert Martinez says, "We're the best. We are THE best."

Food for Thought 9.16
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/16/04.

Martinez manages the Taco Villa at 1911 50th Street. They had zero critical violations at the time of their last inspection. Just down the street, the Taco Villa at 4516 50th performed flawlessly as well. Martinez says, "We strive everyday to provide the safest, cleanest environment for our customers in the city of Lubbock."

Further down the road, the Kentucky Fried Chicken at 1208 50th is another fast food top performing restaurant and the Mickey D's at 6007 Slide Road also had zero critical violations.

Our last top performer is located at 3410 98th Street. O'hana Mongolian Bar-B-Que let's you pick the ingredients and then their chef's cook the food in front of you while you wait.

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