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Controversy Surrounds District 19 Campaign Ads

With the election less than two months away, controversy surrounds ads in the District 19 race. On Thursday the Republican National Committee called on the Stenholm campaign to pull an ad that shows President Bush.

A long time friend of the Bush family, Nancy Weiss spoke out for in agreeance with the Republican National Committee; that Stenholm's ad showing he and President Bush is misleading and misrepresenting the President's support.

"Congressman Stenholm has been notified by a legal representative of the Republican National Committee, the political arm of the President, to stop running a TV ad that pictures Congressman Stenholm and President Bush," said Weiss.

Weiss says that she agrees with the RNC that this ad is misleading to voters about who the President supports. "I know that President Bush is supporting only one candidate in this race and that is Randy Neugebauer."

Stenholm's committee gave a written response to this request to pull his ad Thursday afternoon stating: "This campaign stands by our ad. Charlie Stenholm has worked successfully with five presidents from both parties, including President Bush and is not campaigning for anyone in the presidential race."

His response goes on to say: "In addition, the Stenholm campaign calls on Randy Neugebauer to take down his ad, which shows direct coordination. This violates the new campaign finance law and Randy Neugebauer should cease running this illegal ad immediately."

But representatives for Randy Neugebauer disagree, stating that when Neugebauer walks alongside the President in his ad, it is in no violation of the law. Neugebauer's campaign also says that Stenholm has verbally endorsed John Kerry for President, a claim Stenholm denies.

So as for what's next, nobody knows, at this time neither party plans to pull their ad.

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