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What's your word for the 2013 Red Raiders?


Describing something in one word says so little, but can also say so much.

With Kliff Kingsbury taking over at Texas Tech, this team is searching for their own identity. We asked players and coaches to sum up the Red Raiders in one word.

Coach Kliff Kingsbury and QB Michael brewer both said "Motivated" as Tech is at No. 7 in the Big 12 Preseason poll.

"They've seen where they've been picked and what the outside world is saying about them. That's good. They're excited to go out and prove people wrong," Coach Kingsbury said.

Brewer said, "A lot of people are doubting us. We're just motivated. No one is giving us a lot of respect... We're gonna go out and try to take it."

Not being picked high in the conference also inspired other words.

Red Raider LB Terrance Bullitt picked "angry."

"We got a chip on our shoulder. But one word? Excited. We're angry," Bullitt said.

"They've got a chip on their shoulder," said Defensive Coordinator Matt Wallerstedt. "They're hungry, so if you're asking for one word: hungry."

As camp continues, the verdict is still out for Safeties Coach Trey Haverty

"I don't know. I'd honestly be lying if I tried to answer and that's what we are excited to see. You want to think Blue Collar. That's what we were kinda like under the Spike days. These kids have played in West Texas…chip on your shoulder, go out and play. I'm hoping, grinders. As long as you have a work ethic, you can teach them."

What's your one word to describe the 2013 Red Raiders?

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