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City of Lubbock in phase one of drainage improvement project


We welcome rain here in West Texas, but we don't like the pools of water it leaves behind on our streets and intersections.

Some parts of Lubbock County are still dealing with lingering water from recent rain.

We may not get as much rain as we want, but when we get it, it's important for that water to have an escape route. And because Lubbock roads are flat, sometimes it's impossible for that water to leave.

That's where the storm water drainage system comes into play. It's designed to channel away water that accumulates from intersections and parking lots into playa lakes.

Lubbock's Director of Public Works, Keith Smith, says that in the past six months, a new project has begun to improve things in part of the city that lacks proper drainage.

The most recent project is focusing along Quaker Avenue near 34th Street. The city is just in the first phase of this project, but Smith says it's already made a difference.

But even when the drainage system gets rid of most of the water on the street, there will still be the occasional stagnant water.

"You're going to have water at an intersection," Smith says. "Just slow down and don't splash through it, because it drowns out your car."

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