Ethanol plant promises new jobs for Plainview


Good news for the Plainview economy. White Energy has announced that their Plainview Ethanol Plant will be up and running by late October, after sitting idle since January.

This comes just six months after thousands were laid off when Cargill Meat Solutions shut their doors.

White Energy is expected to hire around 40 new employees. While that may not seem like a lot, Hale County Industrial Foundation Executive Director Kevin Carter says this is welcome news for a county that now has an unemployment rate of 13.1 percent.

"We hope this is the start of good news and there's more good news to follow," Carter said.

He believes these 40 new jobs will mean more economic opportunities for the City of Plainview.

"It'll add up and it'll also help diversify, instead of having one business that has all the employees," Carter said.

White Energy furloughed all but around 15 employees back in January, but the company plans to be up and running again by Oct. 28; this time, better than before.

"With the updating that they did, they are going to be able to use Milo and sorghum from here, which is going to diversify the product. Before they were just using Midwestern corn," Carter said.

The Cargill closure devastated the community back in February, when more than 2,000 employees were laid off, spiking the unemployment rate from 6.9 percent to 13.1 percent. Now any news of job growth is welcomed with open arms.

The Plainview economy is a work in progress, but one that seems to be improving with news like this.

"We're hoping five years from now that we've done the right things and business has expanded. And hopefully we won't even remember our bad news," Carter said.

For more information on these job openings, contact Workforce Solutions in Plainview at (806) 293-8566.

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