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What should hunters in your family be worried about this hunting season?

If there's a hunter in your family marking the calendar this fall for dove or deer season, it's time for a word about ticks. We think of them as the blood sucking pests that trigger Lyme's disease. That's bad enough, but researchers want hunters and doctors to be aware.

There are different kinds of ticks that cause different kinds of problems. Wood ticks and deer ticks will cling to you if you brush up against them, but the lone star tick, which has a white spot in the middle of its back, is aggressive and will chase you.

The CDC says the lone star tick will not give you Lyme disease, but its bite could lead to what looks like a red meat allergy.

"Showing up with everything from hives, all the way to anaphylactic shock as a result of meat eating, we want to make sure that doctors and members of the public are thinking about that, that's actually on the radar now and that's somebody that if somebody shows up sick and they're not getting a positive test for Lyme disease or anaplasmosis, both of which are transmitted by deer ticks and maybe they're thinking further about other possible exposures," says Professor Susan Paskewitz with UW-Madison's entomology department.

The CDC says, the best way to avoid a tick bite is to wear long pants if you know you're going to be in brushy areas, and always use a repellant that contains deet when you're outside.

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