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Tailgating Is A Team Effort

Texas Tech's three point loss to New Mexico last week was hard to swallow, but things are about to change.

"You know what happened last week, we weren't there, that's what happened last week," says F.E. Shaheen, a tailgater.

That's right, your Texas Tech tailgaters are back and they've been working on improving their stamina in the off-season.

"A true Tech tailgater will be here hours, hours and sometimes days before the game actually even starts, says Shaheen.

This season the mean right hand flip used on the grill is better than ever.

"Tech band's never lost a half-time show and we've never lost a tailgate party," says Bill Tidwell, a tailgater.

As the Tech football team prepares to do their job inside Jones SBC Stadium, outside the tailgaters are doing their job as well.

"That's a Red Raider special right there," say Tidwell, of his sausage wraps.

Of course every tailgater knows that improvement only comes with experience and many have a lot of experience.

"Probably about 17 years now," says Shaheen.

Year after year the tailgate goal remains the same.

"Get bigger, get better, get ready for the bowl game. We're playing just like Tech is for the bowl game," says Robert Carter, a tailgater.

Rain or shine, win or loss, every member must abide by the three cardinal rules of tailgating.

"You've gotta follow those Red Raiders, you've gotta have the Red Raider spirit and you gotta know if you tailgate good you're gonna win," Carter says.

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