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Mississippi marijuana

There is only one school in America where the students are allowed to grow marijuana, for research, of course. That's the University of Mississippi using FDA guidelines in a highly secured facility.

The professor who has been in charge of the marijuana project at ole miss since 1981 says even though it has been proven that marijuana can help cancer patients fight nausea and aids patients fight weight loss, he thinks smoking it is more harmful than any relief it could bring.

"Literally, one would be ingesting thousands of chemicals in order to get the benefits of this one T-Rh-ac that you can get if you develop pharmacological formulation that will deliver just the T-Rh-c that you're looking for," says research professor Mahmoud A. Elsohly.

Currently in the US, marijuana is legal in some form, in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Dr. Elsohly says instead of legalization, his team is trying to develop some product from the plant that would allow patients to get the benefit, without smoking the drug.

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