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Ropesville closed campus policy may shut down local business

Wanda Allen has been running her shop for 22 years Wanda Allen has been running her shop for 22 years

For the past 22 years, Wanda Allen has started her day by opening her small shop in Ropesville.

"Those hot dogs, corn dogs, she makes…ohhh they're delicious!" said Mary Rosales, a long-time resident of Ropesville.

Everyone will tell you "Allen's Little Store" is a big icon in this small community.

"We have hamburgers, drinks, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, burritos," Wanda said, listing off some of her favorites.

Wanda Allen is 82-years-old and she remembers eating lunch at this very spot when she was a child in the 1940s.

"You had to stand around outside. They had just enough place for the man and woman who owned it could walk around in there. That's how big it was," she said.

In Ropesville, the elementary school, middle school and high school are all on one campus, and the shop is located directly across the street.

For years, students have been able to cross the street and enjoy some of their hometown favorites. But that time has come to an end.

"There are so many, unfortunately, criminal elements out there that are looking for soft targets to do damage in. One of those soft targets is schools," said Gary Lehnen, Superintendent for Ropes Independent School District.

This year, the school district has implemented a closed-campus policy. That means starting on Monday, students can no longer leave campus to grab lunch.

Lehnen says student safety is their main priority and they want parents to know their children are safe at school.

"Unfortunately, there will be some negative ramifications from closed campus. But to not do everything possible to protect our students and our employees will be negligence," Lehnen said.

Allen says she will keep the shop open for two months during the school year, but if she has no customers, she will be forced to close it and find income elsewhere.

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