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Mother of missing Smyer woman says 'never give up hope'

Meagan's mother, Robbie Hembree Meagan's mother, Robbie Hembree
Meagan Hembree has been missing for nearly 6 months Meagan Hembree has been missing for nearly 6 months

The mother of a missing Smyer woman is sharing her grief after investigators announced a person of interest in the disappearance of Maegan Hembree.

Investigators with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office say Maegan was last seen with 48-year old Michael Ramsey in Lubbock County.

Now, Maegan's mother, Robbie Hembree is hoping this development will bring the answers they've been searching for.

"It's been a nightmare that just doesn't end," Hembree said.

It's been nearly six months since Robbie has spoken to her daughter and she's finding it hard not to think the worst.

"We hold out hope, we never give up hope. You always hope for the best. But we're also realistic and we don't believe she would have done that on her own, she would have never left her child," Hembree said.

Maegan's son is 5 and Robbie says the child just can't seem to understand where his mother has gone.

"He doesn't have answers where his mom is. He thinks she went somewhere and had a flat tire and hasn't been able to get back to him," Hembree said.

But after six months of silence, Robbie welcomes this new development.

"In a way, it's a little bit of a relief that some information is finally coming out," Hembree said.

LSO believes Maegan was last seen with Ramsey on Feb. 26, driving a red Saturn in Lubbock County when she disappeared.

"He either knows something, or he did something, that's where we're at," Hembree said.

Robbie hopes this lead will bring answers. Meanwhile, every day brings another battle for this mother who desperately misses her daughter.

"Her son starts school in a different place next week. And then, that her birthday's coming up, just all these hard hurdles to get through," Hembree said.

Michael Ramsey is being held in the Lubbock County Jail on unrelated charges and KCBD found that he has an extensive list of prior offenses.

Lubbock County has taken over the investigation from Hockley County because she was last seen there. If you have any information in this case, please contact Crime Line at 741-1000.

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