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Security Changes at LIA

We've been through numerous security changes since 9/11, but now that the 9/11 Commission has complied their findings, so comes new rules.

"What we have found is that there is a need to enhance screening for explosives and the new changes allow us to do that," says Norm Michael, TSA Stakeholder Liaison.

More Airtravel Security Changes
Here's a list of numerous tips to make your procedure through security as easy as possible and some reminders on what you can and can't bring through to fly on the TSA web site.

So as of Monday passengers have to remove all coats, whether it's a suit coat, wind breaker or part of an athletic suit, before going through screening. So I went through the screening procedures to show you how easy it really is. I was told to remove my blazer, shoes and necklace, because it was big. Then I was in the clear. I was then selected for additional screening, but that only took a few minutes.

"I'm all for any type of security measure that makes it safer to fly, it's really not an inconvenience to me whatsoever to have to take off belts, shoes, coats or whatever," one traveller said.

"I think it's good that they look for stuff. I know that I kind of adjust my wardrobe because of it, I make sure I don't wear things I have to take on or off, but I think it's a good thing," another traveller said.

You can make it easier on yourself, by leaving home your sharp objects like pocket knives and scissors. In the first six months of this year, the TSA collected 1,000 pounds of metal, from items like these, that could've been left at home.

"We're trying to maintain the safest flying environment in the world. And we're only doing as much as it takes to do that, but we do need to do that. Think about your loved ones sitting at home that want to make sure you get where you are going," Michael said.

Now in the past winter coats were removed, but this is the first time for the thinner jackets to come off. And if you aren't comfortable standing in what you had on under the jacket, any passenger has the option to request private screening.

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