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Jurors view video confession in second day of Dunn trial

Kenneth Ray Dunn, 54 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center) Kenneth Ray Dunn, 54 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

Day two of testimony has concluded in the Kenneth Ray Dunn trial. The trial will continue Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Dunn is accused of killing 43-year-old Stephanie Williams in Lubbock in January of last year. The Dallas woman's body was found wrapped in a sheet near 46th and Locust Avenue.

He was arrested a week later.

Dunn was a truck driver. Police say Williams came to Lubbock with him while he was dropping off a shipment.

Photographs were shown to the jury on Tuesday. The pictures showed Williams' body face down on the road with a sheet tied around her neck. You could see a significant amount of blood on the sheet as well as on Williams' clothing. Other pictures showed a bloody mattress and gloves found in a dumpster near 46th Street and Avenue A.

Detective Ray Martinez with the Lubbock Police Department testified that he and his partner traveled to Lancaster to speak with Dunn a week after the body was found. Dunn worked at High Country Transport.

The detectives videotaped the interview and that video was played back in court on Tuesday.

In the video, Dunn confessed to killing Williams. He told the detectives it got aggressive between the two of them, it escalated, and things got out of hand. He said Williams attacked him and that is when he said he grabbed a tow-hitch and hit her on the head until she didn't get up. The detectives took photographs of Dunn that day and said they could not find any injuries on him.

Investigators said the tow-hitch was approximately 15 inches long and weighed about 9 lbs.

In the video you can see Dunn getting emotional saying he wished it hadn't have happened. He talked about his life being over while crying, bent over, and his head in his hands.

Dunn told Detective Martinez it was like the last straw for him. He said Williams and some of her friends abused him in the past and at one point knocked his teeth out.

Dunn said he was not trying to justify it because he knew it was wrong.

During cross-examination, Detective Martinez told the defense attorney that he was aware of Williams' extensive criminal background, including prostitution and stealing from Dunn.

That same day, other detectives processed Dunn's truck in Lancaster. They found the tow hitch and several spots of blood. One of the detectives testified that the tow-hitch looked clean at first. However, when they put it under the microscope, he said they found what appeared to be blood in the crevices of the metal.

KCBD will have a crew at the trial on Wednesday.

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