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What West Texas, Leo DiCaprio and Vogue Magazine have in common


On news stands now, across the globe, a unique home on the South Plains is being featured. But there's a story behind the story that involves Texas Tech and a Hollywood superstar.

You may remember the photo of Leonardo DiCaprio sporting a Double T hat, which surfaced last month. Everyone's question of course, was where did DiCaprio get it? The answer lies in the pages of an International Fashion Magazine.

Vogue Magazine's September issue features a 12-page spread shot of the "Iron House," a unique Ransom Canyon residence.

Texas Tech Architecture professor Robert Bruno spent over 30 years working on the home, which beat out the Bordeaux House in France for the shoot.

In late June, Vogue crews took over Joy Fulton's home down the road from the "Iron House" and made it their base camp.

"They completely revamped my house. All my furniture went against the wall, stacked on top of each other," Fulton said.

Fulton tells us her living room was transformed into a couture closet with thousands of dollars worth of designer duds.

"There were racks down the hallways with clothes. I was hoping nobody broke into my house at night because we had some expensive clothes," Fulton said.

Three international models were brought in for the shoot, including Toni Garnn, who just happens to be DiCaprio's girlfriend.

When Fulton saw the shot of Leo in the TTU cap, she instantly new Toni must have taken back a piece of the South Plains for her boyfriend.

"I thought, oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it," Fulton said.

So the mystery is solved thanks to Fulton, who was sworn to secrecy until the issue hit stands.

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