Lubbock firefighter Jay Lester, a Hometown Hero

Jay Lester, a Hometown Hero
Jay Lester, a Hometown Hero

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A firefighter, a father, and a friend…Jay Lester touched the lives of everyone he knew.

"He had a heart of gold, too. He was one of those who would leave his job and go buy something of significant value for somebody that didn't have. He was that kind of person, he really was," said Captain Dwayne Pounds with the Lubbock Fire Department.

"He's just all around a great guy," said Jacey Lester, Lieutenant Lester's daughter. "He was funny. He was strong when he needed to be. If you went into a fire, you wanted him right behind you, you could trust him," she said.

Lieutenant Lester was a firefighter in Lubbock for 27 years before losing a brutal battle to brain cancer in 2007.

"It was a long battle and it was exhausting, mentally, physically and emotionally and he did what he needed to do to even fight the battle," Jacey said.

Although Lieutenant Lester is not here today, people who knew and love him say he will never be forgotten.

"There's not a month that goes by or sometimes a week that goes by that his name is not brought up in some sort of an event that happens that we think back on when he was here," Captain Pounds said.

Lester received firefighter of the year in 2006 for running into a burning building and rescuing several people.

"He showed up and it was actually against command for him to go in," said Jacey. "But he could hear screaming and so he actually went in."

He even has a bill in the Texas State Senate, Senate Resolution No. 589, named in his honor.

"Now it's going to help other firemen who go down the same road get these benefits, get their families taken cared of if something were to happen to them, some kind of terminal illness," said Jacey.

Jacey says her father left a giant impact here in Lubbock when he was alive and his legacy continues to live on.

The fire station on 79th Street on Slide Road is named, "Jay Lester Memorial."

"At the end he pointed to himself and he waved goodbye. So we knew he was at peace and that he had done his duty. His time was served," Jacey said.

"He'll be one of the most remembered persons, remembered firefighters, I believe, in our generation of firefighters that there is," said Captain Pounds.

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