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TV AD's Heat Up in District 19 Race

In Charlie Stenholm's newest ad, he says they are only depicting the facts of Neugebauer's voting record. But Neugebauer's campaign accuses Stenholm of distorting the facts.

Democratic Congressional candidate, Charlie Stenholm, says his latest TV ad is about the issues. Neugebauer's campaign calls it distorted. Stenholm lashes out on his opponent, Republican Congressional candidate, Randy Neugebauer's voting record.

One issue that was addressed in the ad was a vote against a $1,500 bonus for soldiers. We asked Neugebauer's Communications Director Matt Schaefer if, in fact, Neugebauer voted against the proposed bonus. "Congressman Neugebauer voted against the Democrats' plan because he felt it would be better to vote for a substantial permanent pay increase for active duty and reserved troops rather than a one time payment," responded Schaefer.

"I think I must have missed voting for that better plan because I don't recall us voting on that. But if there was a better plan, I would vote on it and agree with my opponent," said Stenholm.

Another issue mentioned in the ad was Neugebauer's vote against letting medicare negotiate with drug companies to reduce prices. "There is already a best price negotiation plan in Medicaid. "Congressman Neugebauer went against the leadership and against the drug companies to vote to allow drug re importation and to lower prescription drugs for seniors," Schaefer said.

"It's mind boggling to me that we would put into a law a prohibition against letting the market determine the price of medication our seniors are buying and tax payers are paying for," Stenholm responded.

Schaefer would not directly address whether or not the Neugebauer campaign would counteract with a negative ad focusing on Stenholm's voting record. But what he did say was they would continue to produce ads with a positive conservative message.

Stenholm says he has concentrated on airing ads that would let the voters of this area know who he is. Now, he said, it's time to focus on the issues.

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