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School officials working through closed campus lunch changes


A local mother says that the Lubbock High School lunch lines are too long.

Billie Jo Perez is upset that her son isn't eating lunch.

Perez's son is a junior at Lubbock High School. Perez says her son had plenty of time to eat and get to class during the last school year, but this year he tells her that long lines, and having only 30 minutes to eat, often leaves him without time to eat lunch.

Perez said, "He gets home and he's starving. He and his friends have told me that they're not eating at lunch because there's not enough time, or, if they have gotten through the lunch line, they have two minutes to eat before the bell has rung."

Perez said that the school has not made accommodations to push the lunch lines through faster. The school has told students to put snacks in their backpacks to get them through the day until they get home.

All high school campuses were closed as a part of the 2020 bond election. All of the cafeterias were improved to accommodate the increase in students and specifically focus on safety. Perez is grateful for the change.

Perez said, "I'm a driver on 19th Street to get to my job and those kids just run out into the streets. I'm thinking, please use the crosswalks, be careful. You know one of those students could be my son crossing the street."

We contacted LISD officials about Perez's problem and they invited us to a lunch period at Lubbock High. Students entered the new cafeteria, got in line, and with ten minutes left to go in the lunch period, no students were waiting for food.

LISD admitted that there were some adjustments that needed to be made at the beginning of school last week.

The school said extra staff were brought in to help keep the lines moving and kids stuck in line were given a pass so they could finish eating and not be penalized for being late to class.

Perez says that no such thing was being done for her son, but the situation seemed to be better on Tuesday.

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