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Caldwell storm shelter survives Wind Engineering stress test


The results are in from the testing of a new and unique storm shelter created by KCBD's own John Robison and his brother-in-law Mike Caldwell.

Caldwell came up with the idea of an affordable way to protect homeowners during severe weather, with a little help from John.

The unit can be used as a shelf, counter, or workbench, but when a storm hits, it transforms into a steel shelter, complete with a door that rolls down.

Each shelter can hold a family of four.

It underwent testing at the Texas Tech Wind Engineering Research Center on Friday to see if it could endure a powerful storm.

Caldwell says he is very pleased with the results.

"That cannon can break 2 by 4's into lots of little pieces. It dented my shelter up a bit, but nothing failed. People inside would have survived, so it's good to go. I'm happy.

Caldwell admits there are a few minor problems with the shelter, but he says he will improve those in the next model.

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