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2013 Fire Service Champions: LFD Fire Station 10c


Little redheaded Randa stole everyone's heart this summer after a neighborhood pit bull left deep lacerations on her face, eye and neck.

"She was face-down in her blood with her hands over her head," said Randa's mother Lindsey Westbrook, hysterical the day after the attack.

But now, two months later, Westbrook wants to take the time to thank the first responders.

"I just want to tell them from the bottom of my heart that I'm thankful for them every single day," she said.

"She kind of stole our hearts when we first saw her," said David House, one of the firemen who came to the rescue on June 26.

"The puncture to the throat area and around her eyes, those were the two major ones we were really worried about. So we knew we had to get her to the hospital pretty quick," House said.

Kyle Allen, another fireman, said he was amazed by Randa's bravery.

"She cried a little bit and that's all. But her mom was very upset, which is understandable, so we were trying to calm down her and her mother," Allen said.

Lindsey says without the firemen's swift response, little Randa may not be here today.

"Without the firefighters getting here so fast, anything could have happened in those minutes after the attack," Westbrook said.

Today, those scars are still visible. But that frightening experience has not changed little Randa's love for dogs.

"I'll never go to bed without telling them that I love them," said Westbrook as tears welled up in her eyes.

Westbrook says the firemen went above and beyond the call of duty.

"We wanted to do something a little more and show them that we do care and that she did affect us," House said.

So after a hospital visit, pizza party at the fire station, and a surprise trip to their house with gifts later, a lifelong friendship was formed.

"We don't only think of them as heroes but we actually think if them as friends now," Westbrook said.

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