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The Toss and Chop: Does It Work?

The Toss and Chop looks like an interesting contraption and it sounds pretty sharp too. It is a stainless steel product claiming it is the cutting tool like no other. It costs 20 bucks, but Does It Work?

The Toss and Chop has a curve shape to you can chop the vegetables in a bowl.

First, the cucumber, which it sliced nicely. Then the green pepper, it kind of cut it like a pair of scissors. The Toss and Chop cut the tomato well. This gadget is coming across as pretty handy.

Now that most of the vegetables are ready, let's see how this Toss and Chop works in a bowl. The key is to chop and turn the bowl and the same time. I witnessed the Toss and Chop doing its job well. And the nicest thing I noticed, it was not leaving a mess.

Listen, if you are looking for a great kitchen gadget to help you quickly put together some of your favorite salads, the Toss and Chop worked perfectly!

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