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2013 Red Cross Law Enforcement Champion Officer Robert McPherson

Officer Robert McPherson Officer Robert McPherson

It was just another night of patrol for Officer Robert McPherson when one simple call changed everything.

It was a domestic disturbance call that ended in a woman hanging up on the 911 operator.

Protocol is for police to respond to all dropped calls

McPherson was across town when he got the call and raced to the scene with sirens and lights.

He never could have anticipated what happened when he arrived on the scene.

"As I'm talking to the brother, I see the gentleman sitting in a chair with his head back with no shirt on," McPherson said. "And something just wasn't right."

McPherson looked closer and after watching the man in the chair for a moment he realized that his chest wasn't rising.

His next move was an act of heroism.

"I grabbed the young man and threw him on the ground," McPherson said. "I contacted our police dispatch to have EMS and fire respond due to the subject possibly having cardiac arrest. At which time I quickly began doing chest compressions."

McPherson said his training kicked in during that moment and he knew that his time was limited.

He threw the man from the chair to the ground and immediately started checking for breath and a pulse.

Seconds later, McPherson was calling for EMS and doing chest compressions.

There was another man inside the home. McPherson coached him and got him to help.

EMS responded quickly and worked to resuscitate the man for nearly 25 minutes.

The Red Cross says that it takes just two to three minutes without breathing for brain damage to take place. It was later determined that the man was unconscious for nearly that long.

If McPherson would have walked away instead of entering the home, it's likely the man would have died.

Prior to being an officer, McPherson had a desk job for 11 years.

He said now he takes each day as a gift and wouldn't trade this job for anything.

"We don't do this job to be rewarded. We do this job because we like it, we like the people, we like interacting with the people and we like helping the community."

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