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Mayor supports smart meters, wants to eliminate LP&L ad budget


Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson was interviewed on KCBD's Daybreak Today on Tuesday to talk about the city budget, LP&L, and the Omni building.

The council will have a final reading of the proposed city budget for next year and consider LP&L's proposal for smart meters.

The council has been given new information about the readers and Mayor Robertson believes they will be put back into the budget for next year.

Robertson said, "These readers are controversial, but the ones LP&L wants to install are not the ones that can gather information. They are just simply ones that can be read remotely. If we can do this, we can save our taxpayers a considerable amount of money in the next ten or fifteen years."

LP&L's advertising budget has also been put under scrutiny.

Robertson said, "LP&L has no competition. They are a department of the city. The $650,000 in their budget for advertising is ridiculous and is something we as a council need to take out of their budget."

When asked about the work being done on the Omni building, Robertson said he was pleased by the progress but he hasn't seen crews at the site for a couple of days. Robertson said he wasn't at liberty to discuss the issue because there is litigation pending against the owners of the building.

The date of the budget reading was set to be Thursday, Sept. 12, but Robertson moved the meeting to Tuesday Sept. 10 because of the Texas Tech vs. TCU game.

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