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Police respond to report of shots fired near Willow Bend Elementary


Police responded to a call of shots fired near Willow Bend Elementary Wednesday afternoon, but they say the shots were the result of careless behavior from hunters in the area.

Classes were not in session at the time of the call, but there were 12 children present for the Doodle Bug Square after school program.

Police responded to a call of shots fired with possible injuries at 8816 13th Street just after 4 p.m. They sent multiple units and found five armed individuals to the northwest in a field. Police say they believe the men were careless about their bird hunting and some pellets from their shotguns landed near a child.

Jennifer Morales' daughter Hope, is a student at Willow Bend. She says she thought the worst when she heard the news.

"Get to my baby as soon as possible. What is the quickest way to willow Bend? Hearing shots were fired at my daughters school is like my worst fear," Morales said. 

Thankfully, this mother's worst fear was just a false alarm. Captain John Caspell, with the Lubbock Police Department says, his heart sank when he heard the call come out. 

"This is one of those dreaded calls that we never want to receive. I happened to be monitoring the radio at the time and there's a level of panic that can set in," Caspell said. 

However, one resident believes this chaos could have been prevented. 

"We heard it yesterday and we actually went outside and saw the guys in their trucks shooting birds," Melanie Knebe said. 

Knebe tells us she called police yesterday, but nothing was done about the hunters. 

"If they would have listened to us yesterday when we called the cops and we saw them shooting in the field," Knebe said. 

Police say one man was arrested on an unrelated warrant and the other four were released pending possible charges for deadly conduct.

Police confirm that there was no active shooter at the school. There were no injuries and everyone is safe.

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