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Lubbock students commemorate 9/11

Junior Kailey Snead Junior Kailey Snead

Students that are seniors in high school now were just in first grade when planes hit the twin towers, so what happened 12 years ago has been a part of their education from their first day in school.

Lubbock-Cooper administrators, teachers and students took some extra time aside from the daily pledge of allegiance and moment of silence to commemorate 9/11.

Senior Austin Alonzo read a summary of the events from 9/11 during announcements.

He said that there is one story that has always stood out to him.

"When the people had to save each other on the plane," Alonzo said. "Knowing they had to do something, they had to go in and take charge. That just speaks to me saying that each day you need to live your life doing the best that you can and trying as hard as possible."

Junior Kailey Snead played a big role in Wednesday morning's commemoration.

She played taps during the announcement and to her, that moment hit very close to home.

Both of her grandparents served in the military, so thinking of their sacrifice made her proud as she played the song.

"I just feel like playing taps today really let me honor both of them," Snead said. "When I was playing it, I just thought of all the people that died... They were just living their lives like they do every day."

Middle school history teachers also took a few extra moments to remind students of what September 11th represents.

7th grader Grant Leverett stood up in his history teacher's class and shared what he knew about the historic day.

Grant was too young to remember that day over a decade ago, but standing for those few moments helped remind everyone how far the country has come.

High school principal Angie Inklebarger was a teacher when the twin towers fell. She remembers the moment well.

"These kids were so young when this happened," Inklebarger said. "I stood in a classroom that day. It impacted kids that day. I think it still impacts kids today."

She said that moments like this are a perfect opportunity to teach students a valuable lesson.

"It's just so important to know that Americans gave their lives and continue to give their lives to protect us and protect our freedom."

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