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School Bus Accident Draws Attention To Lubbock Intersection Without Street Signs

An LISD school bus and a car collided in North Lubbock Thursday morning. It happened at the intersection of North Magnolia and East Tulane - an intersection with no stop signs or yield signs.

According to police reports the driver of the school bus failed to yield, and collided with the car that was East bound on Tulane. Both the driver and passenger of the car were transported to the hospital with moderate injuries. No one on the bus was injured. The bus driver was cited for failure to yield.

There are many neighborhoods across town with out signage on the intersections and the rule is always for a driver to yield to the right. But we talked to the City of Lubbock to see if this particular intersection was a concern. Neighbors in the area say it's a problem and they want signs up for safety.

It happens everyday. Drivers fly through unmarked intersections without caution but Thursday morning when a school bus and car collided, neighbors say "enough." "We were coming down on Tulane fixing to go in and we saw a car coming and then the bus literally then stopped and she ran into the maroon car and we just saw kids flying," explains Mary Sanchez, whose daughter was on the bus. "They do need to put some signs right there on the corner so people will stop. And the bus was going pretty fast," she says.

"I'd like to see some yield signs or stop signs out here to get people to slow down, because it's not just buses, vehicles just zoom by here all the time," says Sabino Cantu. His son was driving the car the bus hit. "Apparently out here they don't seem to care too much about East Lubbock, that's the way I see it because if they did they would have yield signs at least at theses intersections out here," says Cantu.

City Council Member Linda DeLeon says that's not the problem. "You can go to any neighborhood in the city of Lubbock and you don't have a stop sign or a yield sign at every intersection. The key is, and they teach you this in driver school, that you are supposed to always yield to the right at any intersection. But a lot of us are really blind when it comes to this," suggests DeLeon. The Council Member says this intersection has already been reported to the city traffic department. "We already have staff from the traffic department looking into this intersection to see if there's anything we can do to make it safer," says DeLeon.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with the traffic department and they said they will study the volume of traffic and the number of accidents that have occurred at this intersection to determine if signs are needed.

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