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Zombie apocalypse comes to Buffalo Springs Lake


Nearly 500 racers and their undead counterparts turned out to Buffalo Springs Lake Saturday morning for the first ever West Texas Zombie Run.

"It's going to be just great," said event coordinator Tricia Perez. "Lots of adrenaline, fun - everybody's going to be happy and ready to get muddy and dirty, and ready to get chased by zombies."

Before the race, the participants had a big decision to make.

"Basically, they have some choices," Perez said. "They can either decide to be a zombie and go for peoples' lives, take them away and see if they can get them by the time they reach the finish line, or, they can sign up to be a human. They're going to have a flag football belt so they have three lives. It's like your vital organs. The zombies are going to go for those organs and you have three chances until you get to the finish line."

The zombies are positioned throughout the 5K race course and require a unique mentality.

"I don't like running from things, I like chasing them better," said zombie Jon Kyle. "The race is new, it's something different. I mean, it's better than the normal races that we have going on. It's muddy, you get to see everyone come out and dress up."

There were participants of all ages. Families raced with their children, college kids raced with their friends and many high school kids ran as zombies.

"I heard about it from these guys and it just seems like a good idea to come out and run," said runner Stephen Tatum, pointing at his two friends. "We like to run and ride bikes, so what better way than to come out here, get in the mud and dodge some zombies? Survive a zombie apocalypse - who doesn't want to do that?"

Perez says she expects the race to come back next year. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

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