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New LP&L CFO hopes to restore trust

Andy Burcham is the new CFO for Lubbock Power & Light Andy Burcham is the new CFO for Lubbock Power & Light

There's a new face at Lubbock Power and Light. Andy Burcham began crunching numbers as LP&L's new Chief Financial Officer on Monday.

Burcham says his top priority will be restoring their relationship with the public.

"It's building the trust back, and a lot of the trust comes from misunderstanding," Burcham said.

First on Burcham's agenda is communication with customers.

"There's obviously a trust issue at this current time with LP&L. I think anytime you go through something like the billing situation that occurred a few months ago, you will lose some trust," Burcham said.

He says he hopes to make LP&L more transparent from here on out, offering no surprises when customers open their monthly bills.

"I think, to be able to provide the financial information so everyone could understand it. Where they can really believe in it and feel comfortable that what we're doing is the best for them," Burcham said.

But when we asked LP&L customers about the new hire, their responses weren't so hopeful.

"I'll believe it when I see it, but no, I don't think it's going to happen," one woman said.

"No, not at all. They're in to make money," another disgruntled customer told KCBD.

Burcham has nearly 15 years of financial experience under his belt with Texas Tech and working as the City of Lubbock's CFO - years of experience Burcham hopes to use to change these skeptical minds.

"We're going to continue to look for cost savings. That's something that is first and foremost - to keep the rates as low as possible," Burcham said.

But customers tell us, they'll believe the change when they open their bills.

LP&L says this position has been open for quite some time, but they were waiting for the right person to come along for the job.

All the financial decisions that were having to go before LP&L's president, Gary Zheng, will now go straight to Burcham.

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