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Animal control working to catch the Red Raider Fox

The Red Raider Fox (Source: ESPN) The Red Raider Fox (Source: ESPN)

ESPN suggested calling them the Red Raider Foxes after a guest appearance from a wandering animal made it onto national TV during the TCU game.

A stray fox was spotted by ESPN cameras running behind the TCU bench during Thursday's game at Jones AT&T stadium.

It may have been a surprise for fans and viewers, including one ESPN analyst, but it wasn't a surprise for Lubbock Animal Services.

Jackie Stephens with animal control says this is no new story.

Stephens said she and a partner caught a fox that was roaming the stadium several years ago.

"To our advantage, it came down one side of the stadium and went up the east side of the stadium," Stephens said. "We were actually able to corner it, catch and trap it and remove it from the field."

The first priority for animal services is to find the fox and relocate it without harming the animal, but they're unsure if the fox is living at the stadium or if it just wandered in for the game.

Stephens said it's not uncommon for them to roam where they can find food and with the record-breaking attendance Thursday, there was plenty of food to be had.

"It's the ones that are coming out while people are there with their food or the ones that are really getting close - that's the ones we really worry about." Stephens said.

The animals that seem the friendliest are often the most dangerous so it's important to remember - if you see a wild animal, do not to reach out and touch it.

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