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TxDOT Installs Stop Signs at Dangerous Intersection

Officials from the Texas Department of Transportaion installed stop signs at the intersection of FM 40 and FM 1729 on Friday afternoon. People who live in the area say the intersection has been the sight of multiple wrecks. Some of them fatal. Now, in an effort to save lives, two new stop signs on FM 40 mean drivers coming in both directions (FM 40 and FM 1729) are required to stop before passing through.

Perhaps the last straw for citizens was an accident last Thursday. Father and son Duane and Parker Burleson were hit by a gravel truck while attempting to cross the intersection. Young Parker Burleson was pinned in the truck and rescue crews used the jaws of life to get him out. He did survive and has since been released from University Medical Center.

It's wrecks like the Burleson's that make many area residents "tickled to death" and "relieved" new stop signs are up. Kerian Bentley says, "I'm really excited it's happening. I've lived out here my whole life and I've been out here and seen many wrecks, awful wrecks. I had a friend die over here across the street, just awful stuff and it's about time."  Shirley Smith says, "I think it's great. It might take a while to catch on to it, but I think it's going to be a really good thing."

To help drivers catch on to the change, Tx-DOT has put message boards a quarter mile in each direction on FM 40. They'll be there about a week. The flashing lights on the new stop signs should be turned on by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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