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Hernandez condemns violence against LP&L employee

Provided by LP&L

Yesterday, LP&L Board Chairman Gail Kring requested that the negative rhetoric, as it concerns LP&L, be toned down. Chairman Kring further made mention that such rhetoric, at times, can lead to grave consequences. Chairman Kring reported to the LP&L Board, and to members of the Lubbock City Council who were present, that an LP&L vehicle had been hit by gunfire, with the LP&L employee inside, in recent days.

Councilman Hernandez stated, "I will defend any citizen's right to voice their opinion as to their local government and as to LP&L. However, I join Chairman Kring's call to calm, as it relates to LP&L and especially in light of recent events. Furthermore, I need to make it very clear that I do not and, the City of Lubbock does not, tolerate violent acts and will do everything, within its' legal authority, to find the individual or individuals responsible for this assault."

Councilman Hernandez has already visited with Police Chief Roger Ellis on the matter. In addition, Councilman Hernandez has visited with City Attorney Sam Medina and has requested that the issues of: 1) "security measures" for City of Lubbock employees; 2) as well as security measures in general, be placed for discussion, in executive session, at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Councilman Hernandez continued, "I would also agree with LP&L Board Chairman Kring in saying that City of Lubbock employees, LP&L Board members and members of the City Council are the public's sons and daughters, husbands and wives, grandfathers and grandmothers, that is, we are all part of the Lubbock community, all interconnected, and all deserving of living and working in a safe City."

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