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Retail Shopping Center is Vision for East Lubbock

It's a plan the North and East Development Commission calls exciting. The commission says they want to empower a community that has been struggling, business wise, for years.

East Lubbock businessman Floyd Brown had to close his dream business, an ice cream shop, about one month ago. "We tried and we tried! We paraded out there, tap danced, we did all we could to bring business in. But it didn't work," he said.

Brown says the reason his dream melted away is because the community did not embrace his new business. John Hall has been working for nine months on a vision for North and East Lubbock. He feels he has a plan and a target to jump start the business economy in East Lubbock. It is a retail shopping center with convenient shops and restaurants next to the Patterson Library on Parkway Drive.

"We wanted to bring a particular good and service that is unique. Want it to be a service that only this area will provide that people from other parts of Lubbock will come and say 'I want to spend my time and money in East Lubbock," said Hall.

This could be the support Brown needs to keep a business alive. While his doors where open, he did not only serve ice cream but dinner too. He catered to those in search of that unique food. Chitlins. A popular Southern delicatessen. "You can't hardly find them now. They love them once you eat them. The black people figured out how to cook them just right, clean them just right, they're very good," said Brown.

Brown may had to lock the doors on his dream for now, but not for good. He is hopeful the North and East Development project will turn this business ghost town upside down.

Hall says he has been talking to a couple of businesses that are interested in moving to the East side. However, he would not reveal what they are. But we may get a better understanding next month, when the whole proposal goes before city council for approval.

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