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LP&L critic: 'Let's get proactive. Not destructive'

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson spoke with us on Wednesday Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson spoke with us on Wednesday

A report of shots being fired at a Lubbock Power and Light vehicle has raised concern among city leaders this week.

The incident happened on Sept. 6, in the parking lot of the Sacramento Apartments near 17th and Quaker. Police say an LP&L worker was inside when projectiles from a BB gun hit his truck, but the truck only suffered minor damage and no one was hurt.

Now, some city leaders are calling for a review of security, while others say the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

"We're making progress and we just poured gasoline on the fire," Mayor Glen Robertson said.

Words laced with frustration, coming from Lubbock's mayor, who believes this incident was only brought to light for political gain.

"It's one more time we're going to take an isolated bad incident and we're going to twist it to make it suit our agenda of the day," Robertson said.

The incident, which happened nearly two weeks ago, came up during Tuesday's Electric Utilities Board meeting. While speaking about the public's negative perception of LP&L, Chairman, Gail Kring said an employee had his truck shot at while on the job.

"We can't resort to violence, but we do live in a society where that happens. And that's why we have a police department. That's why we have the judicial system. We as politicians need to stay out of it," Robertson said.

District 1 Councilman Victor Hernandez released a statement on Wednesday calling for a review of the security measures protecting city employees.

"It bothers me that not only did we see that yesterday in the LP&L meeting, but now we're seeing politicians turn it political," Robertson said.

Lana Moore is one of LP&L's harshest critics, but today she's condemning these actions and calling for real solutions. Moore is one of the administrators of the "We Own LP&L" Facebook page.

"Violence is not the answer. Solutions are the answer," Moore said.

Moore believes LP&L has plenty of problems on their plate, but shooting at a vehicle isn't going to fix them.

"Let's get proactive. Not destructive," Moore said.

Lubbock police are still searching for a suspect in this case. If you have any information, you are encouraged to contact Crime Line at 741-1000.

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