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The South Plains Fair - Corn Dogs & Cosmic Oddities

"Well it smells like fresh corn," said Tom Brag, powerless, lured by the irresistible aroma of golden cobs. "If they could smell it they'd be out here," he smiled.

The South Plains Fair, where corn on the cob intersects with cosmic curiosities. See her beautiful face on the body of an ugly snake. Have you seen the snake lady? "I am the snake lady," said Yvette Westbrook, an oddity of science in more ways than one. "Now on the postyer she's a white lady?" said the reporter. "Well, we change colors," she laughed.

2004 Panhandle-South Plains Fair
The Panhandle-South Plains Fair -- nine big days of fun, food and entertainment for the entire family!

Back on the fairway. "Do you know where you are? This is corn dog alley," said a reporter. "Oh my goodness," sighed an elderly woman. Food was snaking its way through the crowd. Corn dog, corn dog, corn dog, corn dog. One woman had a corn dog and a chili dog. What does the snake lady have for lunch?....."A corn dog," laughed Yvette.

As for Scooby Doo, he was already stuffed. Won with repeated attempts by Katie Gonzalez. What's the secret to keeping the balls from jumping out of the basket? "Throw the balls high," she said. A NewsChannel 11 scoop which was immediately made public. "The secret is to throw the balls high, so when you're with your friends, throw the balls high and you could win a Scooby too," the reporter told a young fair-goer.

But enough hard news, back to the corn. "That's very good corn," exclaimed Brag.

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