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Are rowdy Red Raiders taking it too far?


We all know the effects game day can have on a fan - everyone gets a bit more rowdy. However, one Red Raider is asking his peers to stop with the disrespect.

The Texas Tech senior shared his thoughts recently on game day behavior in a Daily Toreador article, Texas Tech's student newspaper.

"The excuse 'everyone else is doing it' has never been good enough for me," Cord Scorgie said.

Scorgie says Thursday's win against TCU made him feel ashamed of his own school.

"I was a little bit embarrassed. I thought it was pathetic that someone who had come to watch their team play was degraded," Scorgie said.

In the article, the Mechanical Engineering major highlighted the student's need to insert profanity into the fight song.

"It wasn't written that way for a reason. A Red Raider in the past wrote it for us, and I think it's sad that we don't think it's good enough," Scorgie said.

Associate Vice President of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, Jim Douglass agrees with Scorgie's stance.

"Those are not the words to our school song. That's part of our tradition and it's demeaning," Douglass said.

Douglass believes this is not the way Texas Tech should be presenting themselves in the wake of cracking the Top 25.

"It detracts from a great fan base, a rowdy fan base and a supportive fan base," Douglass said.

Opinions around campus are mixed.

"I don't have a problem with it. It's a part of school spirit and if that's how we can get riled up," one student said.

"I think it gives the school a bad rap. We're in the top 25 and we're looked at a little more harshly," another student told us.

Scorgie realizes his fellow Red Raiders may not all agree, but he hopes his stance will make fans think twice come kickoff.

"You can be respectful while being as loud and rambunctious during the game," Scorgie said.

Texas Tech takes on Texas State, Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium. Kickoff is at 6 p.m.

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