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Texas education board considering changes to science textbooks


Changes in your child's textbooks could come as early as the next school year.

The Texas State Board of Education is meeting in Austin this week, addressing the content of textbooks, including the obvious question: Should creationism be allowed in public school science textbooks?

Emotions are split right down the middle.

Clinton Gill with the Texas State Teachers Association says creationism is not taught in public schools right now - the focus is all on evolutionary theory.

He says opponents want to keep religion out of the classroom, while supporters say it's only fair to include both ideas.

"It all goes back to the religious viewpoint and not inserting religion into the public school sector. They want to keep church and state separate," Gill said.

But Gill says the other side of this heated debate also wants to be heard.

"They feel that students really need to hear all sides. That's their main concern. They don't want just one side and they feel that evolution is just teaching one viewpoint of how we were made here on earth," he said.

Debbie Ratcliffe, spokesperson for the Texas Education Agency, says Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks in the country. So books that meet state standards are often the same ones used across the country.

"I definitely believe religion needs to be inking its way back into the school system. That's the foundation of society," one man said.

But much like Austin, here in the Hub City, people are torn about this decision.

"I understand that a lot of people that aren't religious not wanting to expose their kids to that. And if that's their choice, then that's their choice," said another.

The four-day long meeting will wrap up on Friday. The board will meet again in November to decide whether to allow this change. If it's passed, it will be implemented in all public schools across the state for the 2014-2015 school year.

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