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Weather Unable to Stop Fairgoers

Last year it was a day of fun and music at Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Chili Cook Off, but this year mother nature had a different plan.

2004 Panhandle-South Plains Fair
The Panhandle-South Plains Fair -- nine big days of fun, food and entertainment for the entire family!

The rain may have stopped the cooking of homemade chili at the Cook Off but other outdoor activities didn't stop due to the showers.

"Oh isn't it crazy," says Helen Trull, a fairgoer. Helen isn't letting the rain dampen her day at the fair. "You know we've enjoyed it. We've had umbrellas, we've protected ourselves, we're ok," says Trull.

"Ponchos! Five dollars! Come get a poncho and stay dry today," says Lloyd Meyers, a poncho seller. On a regular day you can find Lloyd Meyers helping with his church's lemonade stand. "Today I'm the poncho man," says Meyers.

Meyers is doing his part to make sure everyone has a rain-free experience while visiting the fairgrounds.

I thought do something to help the people out and sell ponchos so we can stay dry a little bit out here today," says Meyers. So far it's been a popular commodity. "I've sold about ten," says Meyers.

Of course a little rain never stopped anyone from enjoying some of their favorite fair treats.

"We gotta get a corn dog before we leave," says Alayna Brooks, a fairgoer.

"I'm going to eat some popcorn," says Levy Brooks, a young fairgoer.

The motionless rides were the only thing preventing people from enjoying the complete fair experience.

"We'll come back later, we're from Denver City, so maybe we can come back later in the week when it's not so wet," says Alayna Brooks.

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