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Council to discuss Electric Utility Board member eligibility

Dwight McDonald Dwight McDonald

Dwight McDonald is an attorney in Lubbock and a part-time city magistrate for the Municipal Court. He also serves as a member of the Electric Utility Board, something that may have him in violation of a city charter.

"On Aug. 8, I was at a city council meeting and the city attorney, Sam Medina, asked me to step aside for a moment," McDonald said. "He informed me that because I was a city employee through my position as a city magistrate that I would be unable to serve on the LP&L board."

Dwight didn't believe that was true.

"It was my understanding that I was not a city employee, that I was an independent contractor. That's what I've been told for the last seven or eight years when I've been a magistrate," he said.

In February, he was asked by a city council member if he was interested in serving on a board. McDonald said yes, and the next day found out the position was on the Electric Utility Board.

"I was kind of surprised, but I wanted to kind of figure out what was going on and wanted to try and serve the community," he said. "I enjoyed it. I learned a great deal. I've learned a great deal about electricity and how it's provided and how it's paid for. I've also learned a great deal about politics and I'm not fond of that part of it."

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson says initially when city attorney Sam Medina came to him, it seemed the situation was already resolved.

"The Electric Utility Board's attorney agreed, Sam agreed - everybody agreed that Mr. McDonald was going to resign," he said. "For some reason, he changed his mind and he decided to push the issue, which I don't have any problem with. We'll listen to the facts tomorrow evening and just vote as a council."

So who put this item on the agenda? McDonald says Sam Medina contacted him, explaining that it was the mayor's idea.

"He explained to me that he wanted me to understand that it was nothing personal for him - that it was requested by the Mayor that this be put on the agenda," McDonald said.

But the Mayor says that's not true.

"That would be Mr. Medina, the city attorney," he said. "I haven't spoken to Mr. McDonald. It would probably be a good idea for Mr. McDonald and myself and Mr. Medina to all sit down at the same time before we're going to start making cross allegations," he said.

Other topics to be considered at Thursday's City Council meeting include a hockey league looking to come to Lubbock and lease the coliseum and a proposal to purchase land for a new police station.

We tried to contact City Attorney Sam Medina, but he was not available for comment.

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