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For these special kids, the fair is a way of life


The fair comes once a year, for most people...unless you're one of the four kids here with family acts in this year's South Plains Fair. For these kids, the show never stops.

Matt's Family Jam and Bruno's Tigers are two of the nine featured shows here, and the only two that involve kids.

Collin, Adrian and Ben Rolf are members of Matt's Family Jam, the musical act that features the family of five from Branson, Missouri.

The troop travels around the country visiting and performing at fairs. They return home next month and hit the road again in January.

But as the saying goes, "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life." For these three, that saying is a way of life.

Adrian Rolf is the only young girl in any of the fair acts.

"My favorite part is getting to meet new people and getting to know others on the fair market." Adrian said.

Her brother Collin agreed.

The 14-year-old performer has been on the guitar for most of his life, and his skill is obvious to everyone who's heard him play.

It must be all the practice.

"It's expanded my knowledge of what I want to do when I grow up," Rolf said. "I will probably have a career in music, whether that be on a stage entertaining or I also like to take care of instruments."

And then there's Ben.

This rock star 8-year-old is the youngest performer at fair.

But his talent goes far beyond his age.

Ben has been playing for three years and when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, it was a no-brainer.

"I want to be a drummer." Rolf said.

And if you're new to the fair this year another must-see act is Bruno's Tigers.

This tiger educational act teaches the audience about these big cats and puts on a show with these highly-trained animals.

Bruno's helper and son, Sebastian, is an important part of the act.

Sebastian is 11 and being around tigers his whole life has made him fearless, even when dealing with cats twice his size.

Bruno is a third generation tiger trainer and it looks like Sebastian is on his way to become the next in the long line of Blaszak family trainers.

Bruno plans to one day step up and fill his father's shoes.

"I open the gate, play the music and lock the door for my dad. After the show we feed the tigers," Bruno said. "Then get ready for another day."

It's just Sebastian and his Dad on the road for these shows, but Sebastian says the tigers have been around nearly as long as he has.

So it's more like he has nine siblings one the road with him.

The free act shows wrap up this Saturday, but as the Lubbock fair ends, another begins and the show goes on.

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