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Wife donates part of liver to husband


And now we've got a special love story that comes out of Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

A Texas couple that has been married 28 years will now get to grow old together the way that they have always planned.

All because the wife, Tammy, has donated part of her liver to save her husband who was critically ill with Hepatitis C.

Luckily for them, tests indicated that the husband and wife were a perfect match for the living donor transplant.

"I just knew that I didn't have life without him, that's why I wanted to do it," says Tammy Castillo, who donated part of her liver to her husband.

"Yes, she is the love of my life, she is most definitely," says Ruben Castillo.

Castillo's doctor says their story is inspiring others to sign up to become organ donors too.

Dr. Testa also says that more and more people are learning that even though we just have one liver, if it's healthy, we can donate up to 70% of it.

It will then regenerate itself and return to full function in four to six weeks, while the transplanted portion will grow to full function in the recipient.

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