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September Recall Round-Up

In honor of Baby Safety Month, we begin with recalls that may affect your babies or young children.

Stroller Accessory

Regal Lager is recalling its Lascal Buggy Board. The board connects to a stroller so older children can stand and ride behind the stroller. The board's red connecting pins can break, causing the board to detach, posing a fall hazard. Speciality stores, catalogs and internet sites sold the boards for $88 from January 2003 through July 2004. The manufacturer is providing free repair kits to consumers. Call Regal Lager Inc. at (877) 242-5676 or ( click here ).

Infant Carriers

Regal Lager is recalling 50,000 infant carriers, sold under the Baby Bjorn name. Faulty back support buckles could cause a baby to fall out. Model number 1-260 is printed on the strap of the carrier. Speciality stores, catalogs and internet sites sold the carriers for $120 from September 2003 through August 15, 2004. Consumers should stop using the carrier immediately and contact Regal Lager Inc. at (877) 962-8400 or ( click here ).

Child Shoes

Little feet beware. Nike is recalling its Nike-T Get-Go and Little Get-Go children's athletic shoes. The rubber tab at the top of the heel can detach from the show, posing a choking hazard. Only style numbers with the following u-p-c codes are recalled. 308638, 308639, 308642 and 308647. The shoes were sold nationwide from June 2004 through August 2004 for $35-$45. Consumers need to contact Nike for a refund. Call Nike 1-800-344-6453 or ( click here ).

Child Furniture Set

A red chair sold as part of a children's furniture set is being recalled. The red paint contains excessive lead levels which could poison a child. The sets were sold under the Meco and Samsonite names for between $25-$40 from July 2003 through June 2004. To receive a free replacement chair call Meco 1-800-251-7558 or ( click here ).

Heart Worm Medication

Moving from your children to your pets now. Dog owners are urged to check with their vets about a heart worm medication that is being recalled. ProHeart Six is a bi-annual heart worm medication used to treat millions of animals. The main ingredient is moxidectin which has been used in horses and cattle without any problems. But once ProHeart Six was used to treat dogs, fatal problems began. The FDA says 500 dogs have died and thousands more have gotten sick. So, please check with your vet if you think your dog may have been treated with ProHeart Six.


Now for two recalls that may be sitting in your garage. Ford is recalling more than 230,000 Econoline vans because fires could start if the anti-lock brake unit overheats. 2003 and 2004 model years are part of the recall. Ford will notify vehicle owners about repairing the defect and extending the warranty on the anti-lock braking system.

Volvo is announcing its largest recall in history, 460,000 vehicles. The recall involves two sedan models and two wagons, including the V-70 X-C. The defect is a wiring problem that could cause a fan to overheat and burn. 1999 to 2001 models are affected. Owners will be notified.

To see a complete list of items, recalled this month, ( click here ).

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